Benefits Of Dog Obedience Schools For Pets And Their Owners


The excitement and euphoria of getting a dog, perhaps as a new puppy or a rescue, will be tempered by the fact that a fair amount of time and effort must be invested in dog obedience training.

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Toronto Dog Trainers Provide Advice For Agility Training


It’s difficult to tell if dog agility training is more fun for the dog or the trainer. A relatively recent sport, thanks to television coverage, the internet and the need for events at dog shows, agility training is as popular with spectators as it is with participants.

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Documentation Required to Travel with Your Dog

Puppy Pre-school training

The gorgeous weather experienced across Southern Ontario this fall has certainly been a hot topic of conversation (pun intended) among friends and strangers alike; the brilliant sunshine and high temperatures that extended over many consecutive days undoubtedly left local residents wondering why such conditions had been virtually non-existent during a significant portion of the traditional summer season. Read More…

The Two Sides of Dog Training: The Right and the Wrong Way | Susan Garrett’s Dog Training Blog

dog training

Big decisions in life (which result in a dramatic turn either left or right) are made by weighing the pros and cons of either direction. Nobody confidently steps away from the direction they feel is the right way. Read More….